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I will be showing a piece from the most recent wave of love I’ve had for my camera, this coming Friday April 03 at Gallery Atsui, 602 East Hastings (at Princess)

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“Gallery Atsui is pleased to announce The New Photographers.

Vancouver has a long history in producing some of the best photographers present today in the international contemporary conceptual art world, photo conceptualists from the Vancouver School beginning in the eighties, such as, Jeff Wall, Ian Wallace, Kem Lum, Roy Arden, Rodney Graham and Stan Douglas.

Gallery Atsui will feature 6 new contemporary emerging photographers that we feel are the leading the field today both technically, as well as conceptually.

The New Photographers will showcase new works that articulate each artists own style and approach within the photographic medium.”

Gallery Atsui
602 East Hastings (at Princess)


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